Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Commandments for Preparing Perfect Pasta from Pasta & Garlic Low Fat recipes that work

The 10 Commandments for Preparing Perfect Pasta

1. Thou shalt not answer thy telephone while cooking pasta.
You will jeopardize commandment #VII
2. Thou shalt cook thy pasta in a large pot.
Your pasta will cook evenly and tatse better if cooked in lots of water. Use at least 6 quarts of water ( in an 8 quart pot) per pound of pasts.
3. Thou shalt always start with cold water.
Starting with cold water ensures that your pasta won't pick up and off tastes from your hot water heater
4. Thou shalt cook thy pasta in rapidly boiling water.
Your pasta will get mushy otherwise.
5. Thou shalt salt thy pasta water.
Pasta cooked in unsalted water tastes bland. Use 1 to 2 tablespoons salt per gallon of water.
6.Thou shalt frequently stir thy pasta while cooking.
Your pasta will cook evenly and wont stick together if stirred at regular intervals.
7. Thou shalt not overcook thy pasta.
Overcooked pasta tastes mushly, lacks flavor and texture, and falls apart. Pasta shluld be cooked " AL DENTE" or to the tooth meaning that its tender but still firm.
8. Thou shalt not time thy pasta.
Listed cooking times are approximate. There are too many variables that make timing virtually impossible to do accurately and consistently. Instead, frequently test your pasta for doneness by biting into a strand during the last minutes of cooking. When it is " AL DENT" drain immediately.
9. Thou shalt prepare thy sauce before cooking thy pasta.
Always make sure your sauce is ready( or will be ready) the moment your pasta is done. Adding it to the pasta immediately ensures that your pasta wont stick together in a hopeless clump. Once sauced, serve immediately.
10. Thou shalt not rinse thy pasta after cooking.
The two exceptions are 1) if the pasta is going to be used in a cold pasta salad, or 2) If you accidently overcooked the pasta(probably as a result of not heeding commandment #1) and need to stop the cooking process in a hurry.

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