Sunday, July 26, 2009

4 1/2 hours left of the 2009 Gilroy Garlic Festival

4 1/2 hours left of the 2009 Gilroy Garlic Festival of 2009. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked Rapazzini's The Garlic Shoppe. You all did a great job dealing with all those people ready to taste and sold them a whole bunch of delicious Garlic Shoppe sauces and foods. WE SALUTE you. To the 4000 volunteers who worked at the festival for each of their favorite charities a big HUZZAH to you. To all of you on facebook who crossed every body part from toes, ankles, legs fingers, wrists, arms, even crossed eyes and some body parts I wont mention here to request 85 degree weather. IT WORKED. Temperatures were significantly lower which meant visitors stayed longer at the festival, had more FUN and spent more money to kick start the Gilroy economy and fund all the local charities.
Alex and company are still going. Alex is like the energizer bunny - he just keeps going and going. He tries to make sure everyone gets exactly what they want at The Festival for a very fair price. Joyce Balanesi has returned from retirement for the weekend as the official taste tester at the Highway Store. She gives everyone a taste of one of the 40 items that The Garlic Shoppe makes under our brands, Garlic Dude, Mama Raps, PSYCHO and Sandrinos. Dawn Erojo and Michael Whatley are more than earning their salray handling the hordes of happy customers. Many are still descending on the Highway store after attending the Festival. Think about doing that as your plan next year. Shop, EAT , Drink, and Stink at the Festival but BUY all your jarred foods and sauces and garlic braids at The Garlic Shoppe AFTER OR BEFOR at either at 4310 Monterey Highway Gilroy CA95020 or at OUR NEW LOCATION next to the Outlets and Home depot @ 8650-128 San Ysidro Ave Gilroy
CA 95020. You can also join the people who ORDER ONLINE from our webshoppe @ Michael Giluso is keeping the sales rolling in. He didnt even panic when their was a line through the whole store and over 40 customers inside looking and asking questions of how to use and what to buy. The Rapazzini Winery http://RapazziniWinery was the complete domain of Adam Pagnagni for the first time during the Garlic Festival since John Berger retired. He did a great job of serving wine, answering questions and keeping people laughing. We do have your walla walla onions saved for you John from one of your favorite Washington customers. Out in front the winery My aunt Joan Balanesi and John Matteucci were running the FRESH FRUIT STAND selling cherries, strawberries, mangoes fresh garlic briads and more. Thanks to each of you volunteer helpers that took care of our loyal customers at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. A BIG THANK YOU to all the people that put on the Gilroy Garlic Festival. It helps our business and several others succeed all year long because of your efforts. Putting local people to work and creating local profits to invest in our hometown. PLUS all the the cash that is raised for all the charities in Gilroy is on top. Way to go everyone!

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